Friday, October 15, 2010

Walk the line

Hi again! So, I recently made a purchase (or two) at Sephora, of course. Even when I am only going in to replenish my stock, I always seem to end up with something on the receipt I wasn't planning on buying. It's an addiction, people. Anyways, since I do know how to pick 'em, I ended up with some superb eye liner. 

This stuff is incredible. It is so easy to use and once it is dry, it isn't moving for anything. Last night, I decided to fashion some dramatic winged liner. I am embarrassed to admit that this usually takes me forever to pull off, but with the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner (in Midnight Black) I was done in no time! 

Once I was finished and looking fabulous, I went to clean off my brush. After uselessly running it under water for a considerable length of time, I made the mistake of using the bottom of my sink for assistance. Due to my makeup removal faux pas, the belly of my sink is currently sporting the smudged look. Although my bath fixtures might not adore this astounding discovery, I certainly do! Conclusion: This stuff is immune to water. However, with a little cold cream it comes right off! (phew! I was a little concerned..)

>>Tip: To make any eye liner stay put longer, take a flat liner brush and go over it with eyeshadow in the same color. Happy lining! 

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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Beauty Movement

Doing their part, one blush at a time.."The Beauty Movement provides beauty and personal hygiene products as well as education and resources to women nationwide." 

What do they do, you ask? 
They collect beauty products and personal hygiene items that can be passed on to women whose current situation does not allow them to purchase these little luxuries. Volunteers sterilize and sanitize gently used donations. The items are then sorted into packages to be shipped to women and womens' organizations across the country!  
But, that's not all.. 
They also teach one-on-one and group classes:
  • Beauty 101: Hair and Makeup Tips for total confidence!
  • Workforce Woman: attire, hair, makeup, and coaching for women who are looking to enter or re-enter the workforce! 
"The reward was immediate. She teared up and smiled the biggest smile. I knew I had to help out more women like her. And so the Beauty Movement was born!"
To read more of the story behind this wonderful cause, click here. They are currently hosting a nationwide product drive through November 30, 2010, in an attempt to fill 1000 boxes to be donated this holiday season. During the drive they are holding a raffle with some awesome prizes that are up for grabs!
View the event page here!
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