Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Total Lush

Guilty! I am here to reveal my new-found obsession with Lush Cosmetics! What did you think I was talking about? 
These fresh handmade cosmetics are truly an amazing find. This company believes in "making effective products from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics." With all this hype over natural, environmentally friendly, and safe cosmetics these days who wouldn't be interested in what this fine company has to offer? Here are a few items I have tried so far...
The Each Peach Massage Bar is absolutely brilliant. At first glance I thought it was a simple bar of soap, but it heats up at the touch of your skin and turns into a silky luxurious lotion with a fruity, fresh scent! To keep your lotion at a "solid" temperature until you are ready to use it, you should get a Massage Bar Tin for storage. When you are ready to buy a new massage bar, you can bring in your tin and re-fill it! ..Or use the tin for other fun things like holding jewelry or gift giving.. So many ideas!

I also tried the Dark Angels Cleanser, which has totally transformed my skin. It gives my skin everything it needs to look radiant and blemish-free. This tough facial cleaner is made with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate your skin, nutritious avocado oil to soften, glycerin to keep the moisture in and black sugar to scrub away dead skin. It is very messy, so I usually use it in the shower. Warning: the Dark Angels Cleanser can easily scare boyfriends, mothers, roommates, etc. who may walk in on your scrubbing endeavors. So, scrub with caution.

Changing your shampoo is a good habit to have. Your hair adapts to the weather and the products you use, which can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless. I change my shampoo all the time! Sometimes three times a week. Is that normal? Anyways, If you need a shampoo switch and are bored of the same bottle after bottle, I have found your new best friend. Two words: Shampoo. Bar. Having one of these while traveling is a MUST.
Lush has an assortment of shampoos to fit your specific hair needs, all with the same convenience as a bar of soap. I  unfortunately have the lifelong gift of oily locks, so I opted for the Squeaky Green. It is made with rosemary, nettle, and peppermint to deep clean your hair and beat any flakiness in your scalp. It also smells great! Store your bar in a cool, dry place like in a Shampoo Bar Tin

Walking into the Lush section of Macy's was like walking into a candy store, and not just because I crave cosmetics like most people crave sweets. Everything is designed to look unique, colorful, and apparently edible. Lush is such a unique brand that is dedicated to natural, safe cosmetics. They have so much to offer. Find your local Lush store and see for yourself!

Tip:>> For best results, use the Dark Angels Cleanser once a week and make sure to moisturize right after!

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