Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Many people think using makeup primer is unnecessary. Well, unless those people have flawless skin without the assistance of makeup, they are wrong! Not only does makeup primer ensure that your makeup will stay put, it also helps your makeup go on much smoother and more evenly.

Would you paint a black wall light green without using a primer first? I think not. 

For sensitive skin: Bare Escentuals has a natural primer that works really well with their mineral powder foundation.  It has vitamins that are good for your skin and it will smooth out any rough patches and fine lines. Bare vitamins Prime Time has sephora's natural seal so it is perfect for all skin types, especially aged or sensitive skin.

For dull skin: Right now I am using this Benefit primer 'That Gal'. This pink-tinted, raspberry scented primer has amazing brightening power. It works great pre-foundation, but can be used throughout the day to re-brighten. I like to mix it with my posietint or benetint for a brightening cheek color!

For picture perfection: I think everyone who has used this primer can agree that it is top-notch. Smashbox photo finish foundation primer has a silky texture that can smooth out anything that would hinder you from having utter complexion perfection.

>>Tip: For smooth makeup application, apply moisturizer to a clean face and allow  it to dry. Then, apply the primer of your choice and allow it to soak into your skin for a few minutes. Then, apply your makeup!

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  1. I totally agree.... primers are definitely worth trying! I use them daily however I never use to until I decided to try. I expected to be disappointed but was pleasantly surprised.

  2. I really want to try Prime Time. I can't live without my primers.


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