Sunday, June 6, 2010

Breath of fresh face

Most of the time, when I spend money on cosmetics I see it as an investment. However, we must remember that these investments have an expiration date! I will admit that I have been guilty of keeping products past their prime. (I just cannot bring myself to throw them away!) Doing so can be very bad for your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive. Also, the product may not work the way it is supposed to once it is expired. So, every couple of months, go through your make-up bag (or if you're like me, your entire bathroom) and clean out all the creams, powders, and liquids that are expired. It will feel great once you are done and you can start fresh with your make-up routine. Plus, it will give you an excuse to get more stuff!

I bought this tinted moisturizer that I absolutely love! It only comes in two colors, which makes it super easy to decide which one you need. You Rebel lite is for fair skin and the You Rebel (in the red tube) is for the more olive, tan, or dark skin tones. The moisturizer blends so well that there is no need to worry if you picked the right one. I bought the You Rebel lite and it blends just as well when I am tan in the summer as it did when I was pasty in the winter! It has a lot of coverage for a tinted moisturizer and is SPF 15!

You can replace your Clinique moisturizer with You Rebel or double up! Sometimes I just mix the two together to get a creamier, more moisturizing cream. If you like two (or three) products of the same nature, Mix them together and try it out. The best of both worlds!

>>Tip: You can get these
Benefit products online or at any Macy's Benefit counter, but search around to get the best price. Don't settle! Whenever I am planning on buying a new addition to my drawer/bag/bathroom I search the web for coupons and sales. Search places you wouldn't expect to have these things for sale, such as E bay or Amazon. You will be surprised what you will find!

Thanks for reading! -Morgan

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  1. I am so bad about throwing my makeup away after it expires, im pretty sure i got an eye infection once from using old eyeliner! i think im going to try the you rebel lite moisturizer! keep writting!! - becca


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