Monday, June 7, 2010


Today was the first day of Summer school (yuck!) and like any other college student, I try to savor every last second I have in my bed. In order to do this, I must cut down my make-up routine quite a bit or end up running late with no breakfast in my belly. Interestingly enough, one of my favorite products to use is something that, if used correctly, no one else knows it is there and you still look great! Concealer is very important if you are just rolling out of bed and you don't plan on going for that "just rolled out of bed" look.

Benefit's erase paste is BY FAR the best concealer I have ever used. If I could only choose one thing to take from my make-up case, this would be it! Some would say it's..magic. It's creamy consistency makes it so easy to blend. It is a full coverage concealer, which is ideal if you have under eye circles to cover (let's face it, we all do). Since it is a highlighter and a concealer in one, it is perfect for any redness around the eyes and nose, too! Erase paste comes in only three shades: fair, medium, and deep. After letting my moisturizer dry (basic or tinted), I apply this amazing concealer (in fair) all around my eyes up to the brow bone, around my nose, and on any stray red areas.

One of the many things I love about Benefit products is that they already come with the tools you need to use them! So, erase paste comes with a tiny spatula that you can use to get out the amount you need without contaminating the rest of the concealer with the germs on your fingertips. Very sanitary!

>>Tip: Whether you follow erase paste with a foundation or not is up to you depending on how much coverage you need, but either way don't forget to set everything in place with a powder! This will ensure that your make-up will not settle into creases or melt down your face if you get warm.

Have a great day!


  1. hey mo,

    How should I apply mineral foundation over this with out messing up the concealer?

  2. Hey!,
    You are going to need a flat concealer or foundation brush such as the bare minerals maximum coverage concealer brush. Take the brush and mix it around in the mineral powder until the brush is fully saturated with the foundation. Tap the excess powder off. Then, instead of wiping it across the concealer, pat it over until the section of cream concealer is completely covered. You may also use a make-up sponge to do this if you prefer.

    Then, you can use the handy kabuki brush (or regular kabuki brush, both by Bare Escentuals) and swirl, tap and buff the mineral foundation over your entire face. Make sure to blend the foundation evenly. You may feel like you are using too much of the powder, but don't worry. It won't feel as heavy as you think and it will cover beautifully.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
    Thanks for reading :)


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